Push Notifications for Web and Mobile Browsers

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You can send browser and mobile notifications to customers who have given consent for notifications through the system. For example, when you add a new article or product to your site, or when you offer a discount on a product, you can send instant notifications to your customers. Additionally, if you have 10,000 users subscribed to your mobile notifications, you can boost your sales instantly by sending them real-time campaign notifications.

What Do We Offer With Push Mobile & Desktop Notification?

We announce your campaigns, products, and articles to your website visitors or customers as quickly as possible. Your dream e-commerce website is just one step away.

Fast Information Transfer

Push notifications provide users with a quick transfer of information. Even if the app or website is closed, users can be informed about important information with a notification on their device.

Increase in the Number of Visitors

With instant notifications, you can attract high traffic to your site in a short time, enabling people to access the topic you've written about immediately, and time-limited campaigns will bring significant traffic to your site.

Scheduling and Programming

Push notifications can be sent with a specific schedule or programming. This feature can be used to send reminders or information about a specific event or campaign to users at a specific time.

Advanced Notification

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Unlike email and SMS, instant notifications have a high interaction and click-through rate.

Thanks to instant notifications, you don't need a mobile application to reach your subscribers. Moreover, creating a mobile application can cost you a lot; this feature reduces the cost of having a mobile application.

Through instant notifications, there will be a significant increase in time-limited campaign sales on your website.

Detailed Admin

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Send instant mobile & desktop notifications to people who accept notifications from your admin panel.

View detailed information about how many recipients your notifications have reached, how many have clicked, and which browsers they used for clicking.

With scheduled notifications, you can send notifications at a specific time or date. With geolocation-based notifications, you have the option to send notifications when a user gets close to a specific location.

FAQs About Push Notifications for Web and Mobile Browsers

How can I send push notifications? arrow faq
After logging into your admin control panel, you can create instant mobile and desktop notifications using the "Send Notification" option.
On which platforms and browsers can we receive push notifications? arrow faq
Push notifications can be received on mobile devices (phones and tablets) and desktop browsers (computers). Notifications can also be sent through internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge.
How does the scheduling and programming feature work? arrow faq
You can use the scheduling and programming features in the admin panel to send your notifications at a specific time or date. For example, you can pre-plan a campaign or create reminders for specific events.
What is the contribution of instant notifications to our website? arrow faq
Instant notifications provide quick information transfer and can lead to an increase in website traffic by enabling users to immediately access new content, products, or campaigns on the site.
What does the advanced notification system include? arrow faq
The advanced notification system offers instant notifications with high interaction and click-through rates. This feature eliminates the need for a mobile application and reduces costs. Additionally, you can monitor notification performance in detail through the comprehensive admin panel.
How can I access the admin panel? arrow faq
By logging into the admin panel, you can view detailed statistics on the notifications you have sent, including the number of recipients, clicks, and the browsers used.
What information can I find in the detailed admin panel? arrow faq
Through the detailed admin panel, you can access information such as how many people received the notifications you sent, how many people clicked on them and which browsers were used.
How do I use scheduled notifications and Geolocation-Based Notifications? arrow faq
You can use scheduled notifications to send notifications at a specific time or date. With geolocation-based notifications, you can automatically send notifications when a user approaches a certain location. This can make your campaigns and events more effective.