E-Commerce Shipping Integrations

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Inform Your Customers with

It sends an email to your customers about the cargo status of your orders, creates the cargo barcode and provides the opportunity to print. Your customers can follow the cargo status on your website.

What Do We Offer With Cargo Integrations?

Shipping integrations are an advanced feature that enables the shipment of products from your e-commerce website and allows customers to track them via email and SMS. Your dream e-commerce website is just one step away.


Cargo Agreement

In order for us to set up Shipping Integration on your e-commerce website, you first need to make an agreement with a shipping company. Throughout all these stages, Novajet SOFT is here to assist you.

Integration Setup

The Shipping Integration you have acquired from Novajet SOFT is defined on your e-commerce website, and the necessary settings are configured.

Cargo Tracking

It enables notifications, tracking, and delivery of your ready-to-ship products to your customers via both email and SMS.

Advanced Shipping

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

You can add the information of the desired shipping company and the general tracking link from your management panel.

You can see all the orders you have sent on a single screen with the cargo company, tracking code and date.

E-Mail and SMS

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

You can send emails to your customers with an advanced designed shipping tracking link for the orders you prepare.

In addition to the email sending feature, you can also inform your customers about their orders via SMS.

If a customer has selected multiple orders but you want to deliver one of the products later, you can also make product-based shipping order dispatches.

Orders sent to the customer also appear on the customer's member page with the tracking link and date.

With the multi-language feature, you can send your customers with e-mail templates in different languages for the sales you make from your page with different languages such as English or German.

FAQs About Shipping Integrations

What is Cargo Integration and how does it work? arrow faq
Cargo Integration is a system that allows sending shipment status notifications to customers and enables them to track their shipment status on the website. It features capabilities such as sending notifications via email and SMS to customers.
How do Cargo Integrations provide information to customers and which communication channels do they use? arrow faq
Cargo Integrations provide information to customers about their order shipment status via email and SMS, and also allow tracking of shipment status on the websites.
What steps need to be followed for Cargo Integration application? arrow faq
To apply for Cargo Integration, your e-commerce site needs to first make an agreement with a cargo company. Then, we will handle all the settings for you through your software.
How does the integration installation process work and how long can it take? arrow faq
Integration installation is defined for your e-commerce site by the provider and necessary settings are configured. The installation time can vary depending on the needs and complexity of the business, but it is generally a quick process.
What does Advanced Cargo Settings include and what advantages does it offer to businesses? arrow faq
Advanced Cargo Settings allow adding custom cargo company information, viewing all orders on a single screen, and sending emails and SMS with advanced designed shipment tracking links to customers.
What advantage is gained in sales made with the multi-language feature? arrow faq
The multi-language feature enables sending emails to customers in different languages for sales made from pages in different languages. This can help create a more effective sales strategy in global markets by providing personalized communication to customers in different languages.
How does the flexible order delivery feature work and what advantages does it offer to businesses? arrow faq
The flexible order delivery feature allows for product-based cargo order delivery, even if the customer has selected multiple products and wants to deliver one of them later. This feature can increase customer satisfaction and provide more flexibility to businesses.
How is the shipment tracking link displayed on the customer member page and what information does it provide to customers? arrow faq
Sent orders are displayed on the customer's member page with a tracking link and date. This link provides information to customers such as the status of the shipment delivery, cargo company, and tracking code.