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The products on your e-commerce website are transferred to marketplaces through Novajet SOFT integrations, leaving you with nothing to do but sit back and relax!

What Do We Offer with Marketplace Integrations?

With our Marketplace Integrations, your e-commerce website's products are transferred to marketplaces, saving you the hassle of uploading products to each marketplace individually.


Marketplace Application

To integrate Marketplace Integration into your e-commerce site, you first need to create an approved seller profile individually on the relevant marketplaces. As there will be official procedures involved, this part is handled by our customers.

Integration Setup

Novajet SOFT identifies the Marketplace Integration you've acquired and sets it up on your e-commerce site, making the necessary configurations.


Product Transfer

In this section, after general settings such as product transfer, price commission rate, and exclusion of categories/products if any, your products will be transferred to the relevant marketplaces after a certain period of time.

Product Management

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

You can transfer and automatically update your inventory from your website and store to the marketplace.

You can send different products and stocks to each marketplace with the group feature. For example; you can sell sweaters on your e-commerce site, pants on Amazon, and shoes on Wish.

You can only send campaigns and discounted products from your e-commerce site to marketplaces.

Price Management

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Along with automatic price updates, you can transfer sales and discounted prices from your e-commerce site to marketplace stores.

You can send different prices. For example, you can set a product sold for 200 USD on an e-commerce site to 240 USD for marketplaces with a 20% markup.

You can manage your pricing adjustments end-to-end across your e-commerce site and marketplace stores.

FAQs About Marketplace Integrations

E-commerce Marketplace Integrations: What Are They and How Do They Work? arrow faq
E-commerce marketplace integrations are software or services that help a business add its products to various online marketplaces (such as Amazon and Wish) and integrate sales from these marketplaces into their own e-commerce platforms. These integrations allow businesses to manage their product catalogs, track inventory, and manage orders from a single central point.
Why Should I Use E-commerce Marketplace Integrations? arrow faq
Marketplace integrations provide businesses with a tool to showcase their products to a broader audience and effectively manage sales across various marketplaces. They also streamline processes such as inventory management, pricing, and order management.
What Are the Benefits of Using E-commerce Marketplace Integrations? arrow faq
E-commerce marketplace integrations offer a range of benefits for businesses. Here are some of the advantages of using these integrations:

Reach a Wide Audience: Marketplace integrations allow businesses to list their products on major online marketplaces (such as Amazon and Wish). This enables businesses to reach a wide customer base, as these marketplaces have millions of potential customers.

Increase Sales: Having access to more sales channels can help businesses promote their products to more customers and potentially increase sales on these marketplaces. Having a presence on different marketplaces contributes to revenue diversification and growth.

Pricing: Integrations assist businesses in adjusting their prices based on the desired additional price multiplier on marketplaces. This is important for maintaining a competitive advantage.

Customer Satisfaction: Integrations optimize order processing to provide customers with fast and accurate deliveries. This can increase customer satisfaction and contribute to repeat business.

Data Analytics and Reporting: Integration software provides businesses with the ability to monitor, analyze, and report on their performance on marketplaces. This data provides valuable insights for making strategic decisions.

Time and Resource Savings: Automatic integrations eliminate the need for businesses to manually manage product information uploads and updates, saving time and resources.

Marketplace integrations are an important tool for e-commerce businesses to gain a competitive advantage, expand their customer base, and increase sales.
Which Marketplaces Do You Support with Integrations? arrow faq
Novajet Soft e-commerce marketplace integrations support major platforms such as Amazon and Wish.
Do We Manually Upload Products to Amazon-Like Sites One by One in Marketplace Integrations? arrow faq
Absolutely not. Once you've entered product details, descriptions, images, and prices into your e-commerce site just once, after your integration and necessary marketplace settings are configured, the system will automatically upload all your products from your site to all marketplaces. For example, if you have 500 products and you're trying to upload all your products to 2 marketplaces, without integration, this would mean 1000 products. Moreover, entering all product details manually might take weeks, so integration will greatly assist you in this regard.
Do You Need to Be a Company to Open a Store on Marketplaces? arrow faq
In many marketplaces, you need to be a company to open a store. After applying through the official channels and receiving approval, you can upload your own products or easily integrate your products with our integration.
Will Marketplace Integration Contribute to My Sales? arrow faq
With the right strategy and management, marketplace integrations can contribute to increasing sales, expanding customer bases, and gaining a competitive advantage for businesses. However, since each business has different needs, it is important to configure and manage integration correctly.
Is Payment for E-commerce Marketplace Integration One-Time or Yearly? arrow faq
Unlike other companies, Novajet Soft charges for marketplace integration one-time. Therefore, there is absolutely no annual fee payment.