Google Merchant Center Integration

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This tool, specially developed by Google for e-commerce businesses, is used for advertising management. With the products you upload to Merchant Center, you can advertise on Google, YouTube, and other partner sites.

What Do We Offer with Google Merchant Center Integration?

With Google Merchant Center, you can showcase the products on your e-commerce website on Google's own marketplace and increase your sales. Your dream e-commerce website is just one step away.


Google Merchant Application

In order to set up Google Merchant Center Integration, you must first create a Google Merchant profile. We are with you as Novajet SOFT at all these stages.

Integration Setup

The Google Merchant Center Integration you have received from Novajet SOFT is defined to your e-commerce site and the necessary settings are made.


Product Transfer

In this section, the transfer of your products, the price commission rate, general adjustments such as excluding categories/products if any, are made, and your products are transferred to the relevant marketplaces after a certain period.


Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Your products on your e-commerce site will be seen by millions of people searching on google.

Your customers have the option to buy your products from your e-commerce site or your local store.

With Google Ads, you can easily advertise your products.

Google Merchant Management

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

You can evaluate the performance of your business by tracking key performance metrics such as sales, clicks, conversion rates.

You can see the synchronization and listing report of your products with your e-commerce site daily/weekly/yearly.

Through Google Ads, you can quickly advertise the products you've matched and also determine whether these products are suitable for Google Ads.

You can easily create and manage campaigns such as discounts, promotions and special offers.

You can monitor stock levels and identify out-of-stock products.

FAQs About Google Merchant Center Integration

How can I integrate my e-commerce website with Google Merchant Center? arrow faq
To integrate with Google Merchant Center, you first need to create an account. Then, you can perform the integration by preparing your product feed file or using the features of your e-commerce platform that provide direct integration. Novajet SOFT handles all of these tasks on your behalf.
What is a Google Merchant product feed file and how is it created? arrow faq
A product feed file is a data file containing information about your products. It can be in formats like CSV or XML. This file should include information such as product name, price, stock status, and image URLs.
What is the product approval process in Google Merchant Center and how does it work? arrow faq
The product approval process involves Google reviewing your products to ensure they comply with Google's policies and rules.
How are Google Shopping ads created and managed? arrow faq
Once integrated with Google Merchant Center, you can create Shopping campaigns in your Google Ads account. You can manage your ads by configuring settings such as product groups, bids, and targeting options.
When will my products appear on Google after integration? arrow faq
After integration is complete, it may take a few days for Google to index your products. However, once the integration is successfully confirmed, your products will start appearing on Google.
How can I update my product information? arrow faq
You can update your product information either in your e-commerce platform or in your Google Merchant Center account. Updates can be made by regularly updating your product feed file or using automated integration tools.
What should I do if my products are rejected? arrow faq
Detailed information about rejected products can be found in your Google Merchant Center account. To address rejection issues, you should understand the reasons for rejection and make the necessary corrections.
Can I sell products from my e-commerce site in specific geographic regions only? arrow faq
Yes, you can focus and sell your products to specific geographic regions using the geographic targeting options available in Google Merchant Center. This can help you better define your target audience.