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Your local store sales can also be integrated seamlessly with your website through a cloud system, allowing you to quickly take orders from incoming customers and process sales instantly. For example, when you order a product at McDonald's, the cashier promptly takes your order on the screen. You can also quickly take orders without logging into your website. Your website will work in real-time with hundreds of local stores.

What Do We Offer with Point-of-Sale (POS) Retail Shop Integration?

In addition to your e-commerce site, we also enable you to set up your local virtual store and make your sales from there. Your dream e-commerce site is only 1 step away.

Integration Setup

As Novajet SOFT, we install Point-of-Sale (POS) advanced integration into your e-commerce package and provide you with the necessary training.

Add Unlimited Stores

With the Point-of-Sale (POS) feature, you can have as many local stores as you want, give them all different users, and enable each store to receive and track orders within itself.

Multiple Payment System

You can make sales at your local store using cash, credit card, special payment, and installment methods.

Quick Order Entry

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Using the latest software technology, enter your orders quickly, even if you have hundreds of thousands of products and customers.

From your private panel, you can see search results in seconds by phone, e-mail, customer.

Finalize searches such as category, product, product code in the fastest way.

Advanced Software

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

All your local stores logging in through the Point-of-Sale (POS) will instantly sync with your main e-commerce website, ensuring no detail slips through.

Discounts, additional charges, and gift coupon application features are available for your orders.

Make your work easier with a separate login panel from the website admin for Point-of-Sale (POS

With the post-order receipt feature, you can quickly print the order to the customer by hand.

FAQs About Point-of-Sale (POS) Retail Shop

What is Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration? arrow faq
Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration is a feature that allows you to integrate sales from your local store with your website quickly through a cloud system. This enables your customers to place orders quickly and have their purchases instantly displayed on your website.
What are the advantages of Point-of-Sale (POS) Integration? arrow faq
This integration offers you the advantage of increasing your sales by adding your local virtual store to your e-commerce site, managing different users by adding unlimited stores, flexibility with various payment systems, and advantages such as rapid order entry.
How is the integration set up? arrow faq
We set up the Point-of-Sale (POS) integration for your e-commerce package digitally and provide you with the necessary training so you can effectively utilize this feature.
How many local stores can I add? arrow faq
With the Point-of-Sale (POS) feature, you can add as many local stores as you like. You can assign different users for each store, and each store can take and track orders independently.
What payment methods can I use for sales? arrow faq
You can complete your sales using various payment systems such as cash, POS, special payment, and installment payment methods in your local store.
How fast is the order entry process? arrow faq
Thanks to the advanced features of the software, you can quickly enter orders even if you have hundreds of thousands of products and customers. You can quickly access search results based on factors such as category, product, and product code.
What are the advanced features of the software? arrow faq
Advanced features include instant matching of all local stores with your main e-commerce site, discount, additional fee, and gift coupon application feature, separate login panel for ease of use, and the ability to quickly provide customer receipts after orders.
Where can I learn to use the integration? arrow faq
There is a separate login panel for Point-of-Sale (POS) in your website admin section. Additionally, the training and documentation resources provided during setup will help you learn to use the integration in a user-friendly manner.