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You can send a mass email to your customers for a product on the website or to those who leave their email address in the e-newsletter section at the bottom of the website. Thanks to special tools, you can also create the mail design template you want. Especially bulk emails have an important place in marketing.

What Do We Offer with Advanced Bulk Email Sending Software?

With advanced tools within your website, you can send your desired campaigns, new products, announcements, or articles directly to the email addresses of your website visitors without using external resources. Your dream e-commerce website is just one step away.

Integration Setup

As Novajet SOFT, we integrate single/bulk email software into your website and provide you with all the details regarding its usage

Advanced Tools

We provide advanced features such as sending single or bulk emails, uploading emails from external Excel files, analyzing sent emails, blacklist, email scheduling, spam protection, and drag & drop email design tool for you.

Scheduling and Programming

You can send your e-mails to your customers or visitors immediately, after 1 hour or automatically with your weekly campaigns in a smooth and fast way.

Bulk/Single E-mail

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

From your custom panel, you can send emails to all your visitors or customers, either individually or in bulk, with the design of your choice.

There are features allowing you to upload an email list via Excel and send it from the software, as well as the option to upload external email templates.

With email scheduling, you can set up recurring emails, such as sending emails only on Fridays, or sending emails every week at 12:00 PM. Once set, the system will automatically send these emails every Friday at 12:00 PM. Additionally, you can set up automatic scheduling for daily or monthly emails.

The feature ensures that the emails are sent without being flagged as spam. Typically, emails sent through standard email settings may end up in the spam folder. We provide you with customized solutions to avoid this issue.

Advanced Email Designer

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

With the Advanced Drag & Drop Email Builder, create your dream designs for both Mobile & Desktop devices without the need for programming knowledge.

Utilize artificial intelligence to generate high-quality designs based on the keywords you input.

Automatically include products from your e-commerce website in your prepared emails. For example, you can easily add best-selling items or specific products to your email templates with just one click.

Detailed Analytics

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Ability to view detailed analyses of sent emails, such as how many people the emails were sent to, how many people viewed the email, and how many people clicked on the links within the email.

You can use the blacklist feature in the sent emails to provide the option for individuals to opt out of your email distribution list instead of contacting you when they don't wish to. Additionally, you can view the list of people who have been added to the blacklist in general.

You can see the graphical proportions of the sent emails. For example, 40% Shoe Discount Campaign, 60% Announcement, etc.

Mobile & Desktop

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

You have the opportunity to test and adjust the mobile and desktop compatibility of the emails you prepare before sending them.

Mobile and desktop compatibility allows users to navigate and interact seamlessly across different devices. This positively impacts user experience.

When users see that your website or email communication works properly on different devices, it increases brand credibility.

Mobile and desktop compatibility can help you stand out in competition. Users generally prefer websites that are better adapted and user-friendly.

FAQs About Advanced Bulk Email Sending

What is Advanced Bulk Email Sending Software and what features does it offer? arrow faq
The software we have developed specifically for you is a system that allows sending single or bulk emails to customers or newsletter subscribers through the website's admin panel. It offers its users an outstanding experience with its "Single E-mail", "Bulk E-mail" and "Advanced E-mail Designer" features.
What does Advanced Tools include and what advantages do they offer? arrow faq
The software includes advanced tools such as single or bulk email sending, uploading email lists with Excel, analytics, blacklist feature, email scheduling, spam protection, and drag & drop email designing. These features enable users to effectively manage email campaigns.
How to use the Scheduling and Programming feature? arrow faq
The software offers users the flexibility to send prepared emails at desired times. It provides various options ranging from instant delivery to daily and weekly automatic scheduling, ensuring a seamless email experience for customers and visitors.
What does the Advanced Email Designer feature include and what advantages does it offer? arrow faq
The software enhances users' design capabilities with a drag & drop email designer. Additionally, it can create designs suitable for keywords using artificial intelligence and automatically add products from e-commerce sites.
What information does the Detailed Analysis feature provide? arrow faq
It offers users a detailed analysis of sent emails, reporting on how many were sent, how many were viewed, and how many clicked on the links in the email. It also includes detailed information such as the blacklist feature and graphical ratios of sent emails.
Why is Mobile & Desktop Compatibility important? arrow faq
The software ensures a seamless experience for users on different devices through mobile and desktop compatibility. This feature enhances user experience, increases brand reliability, and provides a competitive advantage.
How to test and what advantages does Mobile & Desktop Compatibility offer to users? arrow faq
The software offers the possibility to test and adjust the mobile and desktop compatibility of the prepared emails. With this feature, users can adapt their designs to any device, which helps them reach a wide audience.
What other security measures does the software offer? arrow faq
We, as Novajet SOFT, ensure that the emails we send reach real recipients securely by passing through spam filters. Additionally, we prevent unwanted communications using the blacklist feature, providing users with a safer email sending experience.