Advanced Security Features

Make security your priority

Defend Against Attacks with

Protect yourself from all attacks with international high quality and security standards, certified with the ultra-security Certificate with PCI-DSS Level 1 Service Provider.

What Do We Offer with Advanced Website Security?

We maximize your website from the very edge, using all the limits of the server and firewall. Now your sites will be much more secure against millions of attacks. Your dream e-commerce site is only 1 step away.

Advanced Security Firewall

We build a secure security firewall both at the server/hosting level against potential attacks, intrusions, and hacking attempts from outside, and also incorporate a software-based security firewall as an additional layer of protection.

2048-Bit SSL

We provide 2048-bit International SSL certificate for Bank Virtual Pos, Security and Google.

Automatic Updates

We automatically run updates for server and firewall against potential risks in the background, without requiring your intervention.

High Security and Quality

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

With the features we have developed exclusively for you, we provide advanced security firewall protection against all types of attacks.

DDoS attack involves using zombie computers globally to overwhelm the target website with excessive traffic in a short period. We also implement additional measures against this type of attack.

Brute force is a preventive measure against attempts to crack the login credentials of an admin site. You can liken the Brute Force concept to a thief trying to unlock a door with thousands of different keys.

Through our dedicated panel, you can see detailed information about the origin of attacks on your site on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Cloud Server

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Compared to shared hosting, your website will be much safer and faster with an isolated cloud infrastructure.

Security updates made by the server are done automatically and your site is always safe.

Thanks to a powerful security firewall, your site rejects all malicious connections except those from "real users".

FAQs About Advanced Security Features

What is Advanced Website Security and why is it important? arrow faq
Advanced Website Security provided by Novajet SOFT is a security service used to protect websites against various attacks. It includes strong security firewall, SSL encryption, automatic updates, and measures against DDoS attacks, ensuring the security of user data and the integrity of the site.
Why is SSL certificate and 2048-bit SSL important? arrow faq
An SSL certificate provides a secure connection between the website and the user by encrypting communication. 2048-bit SSL enhances security by providing stronger encryption, making data transmission more secure.
How do you protect against DDoS attacks? arrow faq
Advanced Website Security takes additional measures against DDoS attacks. By implementing additional processes and filtering against these attacks, it maintains the performance and accessibility of your website.
How is protection provided against Brute Force attacks? arrow faq
Against Brute Force attacks, the admin login sections of the site are protected using a special security firewall. This limits login attempts on the site and enhances security.
What are the advantages of using Cloud Server? arrow faq
Cloud Server is a more secure and faster solution than shared hosting. Security is enhanced by using an isolated structure and automatic security updates are provided by the server.
How can I track attacks and how does the reporting system work? arrow faq
Advanced Website Security shows attacks on your site in detail through a special panel. It allows you to track the source of attacks with daily, weekly, and monthly reports.
How do automatic updates work and why are they important? arrow faq
Advanced Website Security automatically performs server and security firewall updates. This is important to minimize potential security vulnerabilities and ensure that your website remains constantly updated and secure. Automatic updates close weaknesses in the system without requiring user intervention.
What is the PCI-DSS Level 1 certification of Advanced Website Security and why is it important? arrow faq
PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance means adhering to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Advanced Website Security is certified as a service provider compliant with this high-level security standard. This certification confirms the ability of your website to protect sensitive data such as payment transactions and customer card information, providing users with a secure shopping experience.