Custom Product Personalization (T-shirts, Mugs, etc.)

Increase Customer Loyalty

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Customers can purchase the product by uploading custom images, files, or filling out the required form. For example, if you're selling personalized mugs, your customers can add the image and text they want during the purchase. Or if you're selling T-shirts, customers can choose to buy them with their desired logos.

What Do We Offer with Product Personalization?

We customize the products sold on your e-commerce website to enhance customer satisfaction and generate significant sales volume for you. Your dream e-commerce website is just one step away.

Unique Customer Experience

Due to the diverse preferences and creativity within each individual, your customers can easily customize their chosen products on the product page before making a purchase and buy their personalized items from your e-commerce website. As a result, a high level of customer satisfaction is maintained.

Advanced Product Customization

All your customers, including those who enjoy personalized shopping, will find the "Personalize" button on the product page. When they click on this button, the product design panel will appear on the screen. Your customers can choose their desired color, select from predefined visual designs, or upload their own designs and specify text for the product.

Multiple Design Features

Customers can design their own products using elements such as text, images, QR codes, and custom colors. Each design option has its own cost that can be viewed from the special product editing panel. This means that the customer pays an additional fee according to the design they want.

Design Your Own, Do-It-Yourself

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Your customers can purchase products by adding their own designs and images.

The percentage of your customers who buy customized products is around 20% and they are always willing to pay more for these products.

With the QR feature, you can add a product with a secret message to your loved one or add a link to your website to a product you sell.

Advanced Admin Product

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Create custom design images from your admin panel to attract your customers' interest and make an impression on them.

Upload your desired color tones or stand out by uploading different font styles in addition to standard font options.

You can set prices based on the uploaded image. For example, you can set $50 USD for design "A" and $70 USD for design "B". Additionally, you can offer different prices for custom designs uploaded by your customers.

You can add the price per character written by the customer to the product. For example, if a single character such as the number "A" is entered, it will be 20 USD and the price increases with each character entry. Or you can give a fixed price.

FAQs About Custom Product Personalization

What is Product Customization and how does it work? arrow faq
Product Customization is a feature that allows customers to customize the products they will purchase according to their preferences. Customers access the design panel by clicking the "Customize" button on the product page and can personalize their products by adding color, pattern, text, or image, and pay the product difference at the payment stage.
What types of products can I customize? arrow faq
Although there is no limitation on the type of product, you can customize a wide range of products such as T-shirts, Mugs, Canvases, etc. Your customers can select the desired product and create unique products by adding their own designs.
How is the customer experience enhanced? arrow faq
Since every customer has different requirements, the design panel provides customers with a wide range of customization options. Customers can easily style their products before checkout and experience high customer satisfaction by purchasing their customized products.
What design features are available? arrow faq
Customers can create their own designs using text, images, QR codes, and colors. Each design option has its own cost, and customers can pay additional fees based on the design details.
What can I do in the admin panel? arrow faq
You can create custom design images, add color tones, and select font styles from the admin panel. Additionally, you can set prices based on the images you upload and apply different prices to custom designs uploaded by your customers.
How can I offer special deals to customers? arrow faq
You can offer custom design images to customers from the admin panel and price them accordingly. Also, you can offer more personalized offers by adding pricing per character for text written by customers.
What is the QR code feature for? arrow faq
The QR code feature allows you to add hidden messages or website links to your products. Customers can purchase products containing special messages for their loved ones or add links that will encourage them to visit your site more often.
How can personalized product sales increase? arrow faq
Personalized products can increase sales by offering customers a unique shopping experience. Customers establish an emotional connection to products by having the freedom to create their own designs, which can increase purchase desire and loyalty. Moreover, the sense of satisfaction that customers experience during the personalization process can strengthen brand loyalty.