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We integrate German or another language into your e-commerce website for you as a 2nd language other than English on your website. You can also receive payments in foreign currencies from any country you want.

What Do We Offer With E-Commerce Multi-currency and Multi-language Solution?

In addition to supporting multiple languages on your e-commerce site, you can open your website to the international arena and increase your sales significantly by receiving payments in foreign currencies. Your dream e-commerce site is only 1 step away.

Integration Setup

As Novajet Soft, we become your biggest supporter in expanding abroad by setting up the language and currency of your choice on your website.

Multiple Language Support

We offer multiple language options for your website without any limitations. For example, you can add languages such as English, French, and German. Additionally, you have the flexibility to include custom sliders or product entries for each language

Multi-Currency Support

From the admin panel of your website, you can assign any foreign currency to the product you desire, allowing your customers to purchase the product with their preferred currency.

Visitor Geolocation Recognition

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

The e-commerce platform establishes certain rules among language options and currencies based on customers' language preferences. Within these rules, the default language and currency are determined.

For example, if your main site supports English and USD, when someone from Germany accesses your website, it will automatically switch to the German language and EUR currency.

Thanks to automatic language and currency redirections, customers won't see languages and payment methods that are not relevant to them. This ensures that customers can shop on your website as quickly as possible.

Receiving Payments in
Foreign Currency

Enjoy the full potential of your software with advanced features.

Your e-commerce website, when supporting foreign languages ​​and currencies, allows you to receive payments in the currency of your choice.

For international payments, you can also receive payments through various methods by integrating PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay into your e-commerce website.

For example, If your customer prefers, you may sell products on your site in USD but offer the option to make payments in EUR.

FAQs About Multi-currency and Multi-language

What is E-commerce Multilanguage and Multicurrency Solution? arrow faq
E-commerce Multilanguage and Multicurrency Solution is a service that enables a website to operate in multiple languages and accept payments in different currencies.
How is the integration setup performed by Novajet SOFT? arrow faq
Novajet SOFT takes on the integration setup to establish the desired language and currency on your website, enabling your customers to receive more effective service in the international arena.
What are the advantages of Multilanguage Support? arrow faq
Multilanguage Support enables you to add unlimited languages to your website. For example, besides English, you can expand your target audience by adding languages like France, German, etc.
How does Multicurrency Support work? arrow faq
Multicurrency Support allows you to assign different foreign currencies to the products from your website's admin panel. Customers can purchase products with their preferred currency.
What is the Visitor Geolocation Recognition feature? arrow faq
The Visitor Geolocation Recognition feature detects the country from which customers access your website. This automatically adjusts language and currency settings, enhancing the customer experience.
What are the advantages of automatic language and currency redirection? arrow faq
Automatic redirects ensure that the customer does not see the language and currency they do not prefer, thus speeding up the shopping process and providing a more personalized experience.
How does Receiving Payments in Foreign Currency work? arrow faq
When your e-commerce website supports foreign languages and currencies, customers can make payments in their desired currency. Various payment methods are also possible thanks to the integration of PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.
Which integrations can be used for international payments? arrow faq
In addition to bank virtual POS integration, PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, and Apple Pay are reliable payment integrations that can be added to your e-commerce site for international payments, offering customers various payment options.